Y4 – Day 356 – Illegitimacy

Instead of expelling “illegal” (and truly is a human being ever illegal?) Immigrants, that denegrative term, we need to instead, get rid of the treasonous, illegitimate presidency and his greedy, traitorous, hypocritical staff of cronies.

Yes, I went there. I said it. We need reform but not backwards to a dystopian hellish version of tyranny. I have heard astrology predict this, years back. I have read psychics’ premonitions. But, bottom line, it is a choice. Do we enlighten or suffer?

I choose to enlighten and be enlightened. I am done suffering fools.

May the greed, evil, vengeance, cruelty and lies transform as they are sucked into the ground, and released back into our breath changed, into Joy, Hope, Love and Peace. Mother earth has regenerative powers that can sustain this alchemy.

I choose to connect the dots of our intrinsic nature and lifetimes of history. I choose to be a part of the evolution to goodness and respect. I choose to be the giver of comfort and beauty rather than the thief of dreams, stealing in daylight and dark.

My upcoming book will flow with the energy of the feminine power whose time has again come. The relief, the release, the renewal and the rebirth of the Goddess called Goodness will show herself. And GG (Goddess called Goodness) loves the planet, unity, harmony and abundance.

It is the fear of losing or not getting what they want that drives this group of marauders mad. Their lack is ruining everything that is held dear by believers of truth.

I hope they have a feeding frenzy first on each other, like piranhas turned onto each other. And, may the wicked recede and the hopeful rise. I hear it will get messier before it evens itself out and the dust settles.

This is the way it will be altered.


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