Y4 – Day 308 – Love Thoughts

Camellia 2017 – Love Thoughts

Allow your eyes to look upon everything with Love. Keep Love thoughts prevalent in your mind. It will manifest itself in vivid form. Love lights up your vision. Use that lens and watch through Love’s glasses. Colors appear brighter and nature comes alive.  

Smell with Love and the earth beckons, laden with life. The scent of his hair, fresh cut flowers and favorite foods feed the aroma of Love.

Listen as the breeze sweeps past your loving earlobes. Hear the sound of lapping low-tide waves, a baby cooing and a festive family gathering with the music of Love.

Caress, hug, touch, pet and respond as Love. Lather and rinse with gentle bubbles of tenderness. Wrap yourself mightily around Love.

Taste with gratitude. Honor and praise with your mouth in Love. Savor, ingest and salivate with Love.

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