Y4 – Day 293 – Chicken Little

I come from a long line of alarming chicken littles’. And then I wonder why I suffer anxiety attacks?

Recently, we had a sewage flood in our home; I sobbed when I thought my pooch might have been infected with dirty bacteria laden water.

The headaches, the debris and the aftermath of the lake inside my house from a broken main line sent me spinning. After a few hours, I pulled on my big girl panties, strapped on my heavy-duty workout bra and got to work.

The good news was my dog and my house cleared the contamination check.

It is just a matter of time, investigation, expense and work. No one got hurt. This is not a tragedy. It is fixable. This is not a dollar problem, I told myself. It is a penny problem. And life happens when you are making plans. It is an inconvenience, a glitch and an intrusion, not a funereal calamity.

Ironically, I was contemplating sending my laundry out to a service and now I must. Be careful what you wish or pray for. You are sure to get it.

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