Y4 – Day 240 – 20 Ways to Start Living in the Moment

How to start living in the Moment

Enjoy life and all its gifts

Give thanks for your beautiful and functional body

Know you are enough and you have everything you need

Give hugs, touch or show affection physically

Embrace people of all faiths, colors and nations

Go outside your comfort zone

Expand your vision beyond the box

Experiment with possibility

Seek opportunities and growth from takingĀ risks

See the big picture

Focus mindfully on each task

Go deep and wide when you explore

Feel your feelings but remind yourself they are not facts

Be honest with yourself

Live each minute authentically

Let every interaction be memorable

Check in with yourself and make sure you are present

Consciously choose your food and prepare it with prayer

Give meaning to your life by giving back to your community and planet

Stand in solidarity for peace

Let it start with you

Remember the future brings worry and the past, regret,


Stay in the now or you will miss it.

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