Y4 – Day 238 – Just Saying…

For me, I cannot watch horror movies. I wish they would stop making and promoting them. I think as a mass idea in our consciousness it contributes to normalizing violence or worse, scary monsters cause anxiety in some people, like me, and apathy in everyone else.

I believe the fascination with zombies and end of the world scenarios is making it come true. Hopefully, not literally, but certainly people walk around like zombies when they cross the street these days, eyes glued to their phones and the heightened terrorism, testing and making of weapons of mass destruction and talk of trigger fingers on a possible nuclear bomb doesn’t hurt my theory.

I believe I the religious might want to become more faith filled instead of fearing others outside their realm. I would like everyone to use more common sense. I get the feeling if we all really looked into our heart of hearts, we’d find a common denominator called love not hate. Call me naive. I still have wonder.

I wish the leaders in this world were less egocentric. Imagine if our own president elect were not greedy, competitive or an attention hog.


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