Y4 – Day 224 – Debate Night

This could be a doozie – A new low – or even a revealing explosion of new information. Who knows?

The bottom line is: this is not a good reason for the third presidential debate of 2016 to have so many spectators. Some people are having viewing parties. Most are going to watch with a bowl of ice cream or popcorn like it is entertainment. Not such a great message to our young people who will be voting in the future or even this year.

It has turned into a circus because we let it. Higher ideals and values have not prevailed. The debates might have been dull in the past but they had decency. People discussed topics at work and sometimes even swayed their buddies. This year, friends aren’t talking, families stop calling and tension between the politically minded have heightened. I guess the instantaneous, impatient and jaded viewer must be entertained this year. What a shame.

I haven’t wanted to publicize my opinion outside my home, on this website or on FB even with a like this election. The fear of recrimination, the historical revenge and the callous disregard for the truth have frustrated my voice.

The similarities of this year’s themes with past dictatorships and the fall of order as we know it, is scary. My parents immigrated to this country because they fled this rhetoric and chaos. I will be damned if I have to witness what we already have condemned.


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