Y4 – Day 22 – Green Chair Redo

The following green and wood chair is the only one left from our original kitchenette set when we first moved in back in 1997.  I rehabilitated the tiled top table to match our new kitchen decor. It turned out folk artsy and is happy back in the warm kitchen ( I had both these items outside, under our covered patio, for years).


IMG_0545I decided to paint the chair legs light blue and the chair seat and spindle back, a creamy white. It informed me it wanted to feel light and happy, so I stenciled a flower burst in the middle of the seat. I like to transform pieces with political debates, news pundits ranting and sports in the background for some reason. Painting the stencil in uplifting bright yellow and the light blue made it just a tad different from every other stenciled seat in the world.  I added a trio of smaller flowers in the front two corners. I distressed only the legs a little bit so we could remember the original green. What a joyful place to sit! The chair is airy and works pretty much in any room of the house with its whimsy.

I never knew I had such a sense of humor or do you think the furniture is laughing at me?




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