Y4 – Day 198 – 5 Indoor Air Cleansers

Houseplants help adorn, uplift and clean your environment. Certain types are more effective than others. Many studies show that just viewing gardens, vegetation and natural plants relax and heal you both emotionally and physically. Here are five stars in the plant world that add greenery and renewable breath to your home.

  1. Peace Lily – this beautiful white flowered upright plant has dark, shiny leaves. It is decorative and easy to grow. It also removes acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde from your home. Get one for every room and/or your office, especially if you have wall to wall carpet or new furniture. My husband has one now for twenty years in the lobby of his front office. We have one I divided and repotted from that same plant on our living room mantel.
  2. Corn Plant – also known as Dracaena Fragrant. If you need an effortless, attractive plant, look no further than this species. It’s leaves are variegated with centered, yellowish stripes that rise and then curve down in a waterfall shape.  It can grow to over four feet and looks great in corners, hallways and as a standout piece. In addition, it can save your life. It purifies benzene and cigarette smoke. I have one in the bedroom that I recently moved in from the top of the stairs hallway. Placed in a lightweight pot, they are a cinch to move around.
  3. Aloe vera – a true succulent every kitchen should have. Its sharp edged leaves are full of healing sap. Cut off a thick portion close to the center core and squeeze the gel on your skin for minor burns. It soothes sunburn. It can be taken internally to boost your immune system. It also vacuums out the formaldehyde in your environment. We have six huge aloes lining an edge of our yard because in S. California we don’t have to worry about frost. I trudge over and cut a leaf frequently whenever I accidentally burn myself. By the way, metaphysically, we burn ourselves when we are angry and lo and behold when I get a burn, I remember that and realize it is true. I was irritated at the time.
  4. Dwarf Date Palm – also known as Phoenix roebelenii. This slow growing palm likes to  have regular water maintenance. They also need to stay away from too much heat, light and any drafts in the home. Rinse their fronds by placing them out in the rain or bringing them into the shower to keep pests away. They might be a little needy but they also help eradicate gaseous poisons (xylene) released by paints. Rather than mollycoddle one indoors anymore, we have one in our front yard that originally lived inside our home. It is a very slow grower.
  5. Spider plant – one of the best plants that survive neglect pretty well and so they make great first plants for the budding new gardener. They love to propagate like crazy and falling spider plant babies make it a stunning hanging plant with variegated white and light green blade like leaves. I had an emerging jungle, sprouting from one plant, hanging all over my first apartment. They are perfect for a talkative family since they absorb carbon monoxide. Just take an outgrowing baby from an arched stem, cut it off and stick it in dirt or even a cup of water. It will develop roots within a week. They reproduce rapidly and are a wonderful gardening teaching tool.

I hope you find an incentive to embellish your indoor rooms with relatively undemanding living beauty that also cleans your atmosphere.

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