Y4 – Day 178 – Company Coming

I am ecstatic about having my BFF coming tomorrow to spend a week! Every time we get together, it’s memorable. I will probably be spotty, at best, with my posts. Perhaps even absent. But I will be back.

What having company does for me, is it makes me pick up or hide the clutter. Throw in the usual laundry I didn’t keep up with while I was away, dishes that pile up from everyday meals and grocery shopping and you have a backup of chores while still needing to clean the entire house thoroughly.

I am currently contemplating making four desserts tonight, one zucchini lasagne is made and I purchased a few ready made items at Mother’s.

Whirlwind days and nights, so many conversations I lose my voice and laughter at every turn. For some reason, my BFF finds my idiosyncrasies delightful and she helps me view them as comical. She is also a great observer of irony and can be amused by hypocrisy and her own misgivings so I plan on munching quite a lot, smiling most of the time and letting out a few belly laughs from time to time this week.

Looking forward to your arrival ML!


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