Y4 – Day 171 – Chakra Karma

Once again, I grabbed something that caught my attention from the internet. I just couldn’t help myself, it was so dead on and I had to share.

Using the colors (as revealed by those who can also see your aura) of the seven foundational chakra points, each line of wisdom is simple yet powerful.

The first chakra, red is all about survival and our place in the tribe, hence how love conquers all and unites us. It is located from the base of your spine all the way down to your toes. It is your foundation, your ancestry and primal beliefs.

The second vortex, orange is concerned with sex, pleasure, emotions and creativity. Appreciating, enjoying and staying in an attitude of gratitude moves us to joy as well as bringing joy to others.

The third current of energy is our power, our will and our confidence. The suggestion to watch less, do more, directly advises us to take responsibility for self, do less comparing with others and to contribute instead from your highest form of self.

The fourth point of interest is the heart. This area is either rose colored or some shade of green. It is the haven of love and all its forms thereof; compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, you name the quality that stems from this sanctuary. It is our center, connecting and balancing our physical and practical selves with our intellectual and spiritual parts. The core of being is realizing we are all one and what you do or think of another, you ultimately are doing to yourself.

The fifth chakra is turquoise or light, sky blue in color. It is about communication and expression, located in and around your mouth, ears and throat. Wisdom comes from savoring and experiencing life, not just by talking about it. Listening is about meditation, reflection, awareness and knowing ultimate truths.

The sixth vortex is the third eye, your intuition and is considered to glow in a deep, rich cobalt or indigo blue. Each time you perceive the world as full of possibilities and a positive playground, you bring that to your life. Each time you do as your most noble instinct or voice tells you, you get closer to the peace we are all ultimately seeking.

The seventh space, seen as purple, violet or even sometimes as gold or white, is located around your fontanel, on top of your head. It is your spiritual path, purpose, conscience and contact. We are spiritual beings living a human experience. As you analyze less and focus more on reaching for the best, most vulnerable you, you join your heart with your mind, activating the relationship and bond with your version of Goddess.

Even if you think yoga, Vedic texts from the Indus valleys, five thousand years ago, like the Bhagavad Gita and the Patanjali Sutras are nonsense, contemplate your resistance and know that far away in China, the acupuncturists, doctors, healers, herbalists and seers of Chinese medicine discovered and wrote about the same exact meridian points.


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