Y4 – Day 164 – Molting

What makes living with a spiritual/philosophical basis rich and rewarding is the constant unfolding awareness, the peeling away at all the contraptions, domestications and old tapes installed by society and early childhood.

The reveal is simple, right back where we started from, with a journey and story to tell to keep it interesting and easy to learn.

There is a forward movement inward. Thrown off like a jolting bronco, our layers upon layers of debris and patterns that do not serve us anymore,  we insist on carrying around, melt away, finally discarded, as we learn from each experience.

Adhering to spiritual principles or philosophical tenets of truth, in all of our affairs, to the best of our abilities, transforms us. With each metamorphosis, there is a rebirth.

What a ride!

Only the poet can look beyond the detail and see the whole picture – Helen Hayes

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