Y4 – Day 150 – Anywhere

I need to bring a lined journal with me everywhere I go Рfor observations, snippets of conversations, ideas, a diverse amount of situations that strike and amuse me, notes to self, downloaded wisdom and to get down on paper and out of my head Рa steady, consistent array of anxiety ridden thoughts that invade my brain like a dark tornado going through Kansas, leaving the house to fall on my own ten toes.

I belong everywhere; the beach, the shore, New York, Canada, Berkeley, the forests, the mountains, in gardens, in dirt, in wildflower fields, in museums, in restaurants, amongst birds, surrounded by pines, at home, at the treehouse, at a meeting, at a concert or fair, on a balcony, on a deck, on a train, by a lake, by a tree, by my loves, and… never without my little traveling notebook and fine tip gel pen.


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