Y4 – Day 143 – The F word

When you let go of useless and restrictive beliefs you can learn much more about yourself. For example, How wonderful are you at multitasking? Let me ask a different way. How fun are you when you are spinning in three different ways?

I say F MultiTasking.

Focus is my new F word.

You and I have gifts that heal and are a win-win. Sharing and working with others, especially when they want and need it, is a mutually satisfying experience.

But how can you possible give anyone 100% if you are distracted by one or two other things? Is that fair? Do you catch yourself talking to your friend on the phone who is having a bad day, venting or asking for support and also cleaning the floors, ironing, driving, counting up your calories, putting on makeup, checking your FB/emails and/or self checking out in the supermarket?

I bet you are fabulous at whatever you do when you do it with focus.

To accomplish anything worthwhile, the key is focus and discipline.

Here are the 3 D’s: Delete, Discern, Discipline. To get to whatever destination, you need to accomplish with the determination to focus. Delete distractions. Discern priorities. Discipline yourself to methodically chop it down into manageable chunks.

What a revelation it is to see nature growing where least expected. It takes focus to bloom on a salty, sandy, windy beach with only rain to bring you to life, sun to feed your leaves and seagulls to watch your birth.

DSC00661Picture of an orange blossomed low lying, creeping survivor on a desolate beach, focusing on regenerating itself and filling me up with pleasure. It’s a win-win for both of us as I revel in its bona fide manifestation and it concentrates unquestionably on staying alive.

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