Y4 – Day 132 – The Cure 2016 part one

First row, Cricket Amphitheater in Chula Vista, San Diego, CA May 20, 2016 is where I had an epiphany as The Cure played their beautifully strange music. How can something feel so alive inside that dug out hole? It is now called the Sleep Train amphitheater, taken over by Live Nation, same people as at the Irvine venue at Verizon Wireless.

Connecting to even one person at the same time is refreshing but close your eyes and imagine having the talent and aura and generosity to reach twenty thousand souls at the same time, every night on tour, on an international level, no less. Stage presence is one thing, grabbing and holding your attention on every physical and emotional level is another. And…The genius of The Cure is clearly Robert Smith. He sets high standards for excellence in performance, making them even better LIVE than on a studio recording.

I leave you with this visual. The silhouette is classic.

We all know the sway of his musical notes even if you were not aware you were listening to his song.

The one and only Robert Smith reigns supreme in my concert book and has never, ever disappointed one single fan, always displaying an unending and diversified array of sound generated art.


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