Y4 – Day 13 – Big Day at Peinture

I Played with Annie Sloan paints and learned techniques from a certified AS stockest. The paint has only been in the US for five years and it has been selling like wildfire and getting increasingly more popular, especially with interior decorators, up cyclers, and flea market flippers.Only a few trained and specially picked store owners are allowed to stock the product. I have made my own chalk paint, tried other brands and I can safely say there is nothing like AS paints and her soft waxes.

IMG_0587The workshop rules.


The workshop, or ATELIER for us francophiles, is at the back of the shop.

IMG_0590In the foreground is the instructor’s (who also happens to be the owner) set up and this is just a small slice of the workshop tables. It was lunchtime and I sneaked in a picture. My pocket book is on the right with pink and green stripes. There were eleven of us and about ¬†a dozen techniques to explore and experiment with.


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