Y4 – Day 12 – Storm Watch

Back east, they are bracing for a fierce snowstorm.

This is what Long Island looked like a week ago.


May everyone hunker down and get ready because like it or not, here comes Jonas. Get your popcorn, movies and soda pop. These blizzards were great times during my childhood because it meant no school and lots of playtime making snow forts, snow men, snow angels and snow balls with the neighborhood kids. Later, when I was older, I shoveled the snow to clean the driveway and loved coming back into the house for a cup of hot chocolate after as my reward.

The temperature seems to warm up a bit from a freezing bitterness as the silver grey clouds wait to burst.The snow falls in silence.  The wind howls as it encircles the trees and seems to pound at your door. The white powder falls at an endless pace as you press your breath against the window. You wonder when it will stop and leave steam and a stencil of your face on the glass. You bundle up as it slows down and step out the door unless it is jammed with a drift.  You look like the first man on the moon while your boots sink lower and lower crunching into the fresh fallen snow.

I love a good snowstorm as long as you are safely home and prepared. They are lucky it will hit on a weekend.

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