Y4 – Day 122 – Alexandra Stoddard

“Live by the trinity of what is good, true and beautiful.” – Alexandra Stoddard

Alexandra Stoddard is an accomplished author, speaker, philosopher and designer. She has written just under thirty books on everything from decor to memoir to lessons learned and shared for all mothers and daughters.

I would love to meet this unbelievable person. I just recently finished her Gracious Living book. She can get a bit pedantic and sophistic but I get the sense that is who she is and it is authentically revealed and shown through her literary voice.

I absolutely feel I could connect with her on a personal level, I certainly do via the pages I read. I am not as refined or learned but I am also not as well heeled or traveled either.

Alexandra had an idyllic childhood in Connecticut and an esteemed mentor, the infamous Mrs. Brown of style and interior design who took her under her wing at a very young and impressionable age. Alexandra parlayed her experiences and teachings into her own NY based design firm with hard work, loving staff and passionate dedication in a time when young women were expected to marry, not create a start-up.

She was blessed with Peter, a husband who not only shared her aesthetics ( he was a NY attorney specializing in ethics and a journalist ) but uplifted her further, always questioning and presenting new perspective. Together they shared forty years of blended family bliss (he was married before with children and together they had two daughters) until his peaceful passing two years ago, at the age of 92. She still holds her joyful get togethers they started at their cottage in Stonington, CT on Positive Thinking and Happiness.

Women with great attitude and lives inspire. Here is a woman who did it all with aplomb and documented the whole thing and every step of the way. She lives a fully and balanced existence and has never sacrificed the wisdom of a cozy, warm and serene homestead for any of her worldly accomplishments.

When I read her, I cannot believe how energetic she is. Focused and dedicated with a confidence, zeal and strategy that would make any president or CEO, swoon with admiration.

“To be your most creative self, you need to accept the responsibility of carving out your own niche. Search and seize activities best suited to your unique abilities and aspirations.” – Sue Patton Thoele

Affirmation for today: “I have the power to reframe my reality.” and ” I am worthy ” – Cecilia

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