Y4 – Day 111 – Triple Ones

Whenever I see the same number in triplet, I know an angel is watching over me and sending me love and approval or guidance.

Whenever I find a penny on the floor or street, I know it is a nod from someone in heaven. When it’s a dime, I know it’s my friend R because we talked about that before she passed, how I would distinguish her from others. The other day, the last time I saw her exactly three years ago, I found two dimes and thanked her. Two days later, exactly three years ago, was her last day in her body.

Whenever I say something, just to be sure I am not jinxing myself, I knock on wood, using my head if no wood is to be found.

My favorite numbers are 2, 5 and 10 but sometimes 3 too. Whenever I wash dishes by hand, I lather up two, five or ten items at a time, then rinse and dry.

I probably come with more idiosyncrasies and superstitions than most people but it keeps it interesting.

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