Y5 – Day 11 – Climate Zones

Meanwhile, the roses we pruned in January are in full bloom. Pruning times depend on your climate zone. Furthermore, every landscape has its own microclimate zones. For example, below a slope will most likely be your dampest spot and could be up to ten degrees cooler than the rest of your yard, a great place for ferns and ivy. But, don’t expect sunflowers or most flowering types to survive those conditions. Likewise, an area with partial sunlight and shade might be too cool and moist for a succulent.

Vegetation can be quite finicky. Various plants enjoy solitary situations. Others prefer to be in a community of varied species. Still, a few need to be staked like tomato and bean bushes.

Then again, every zone has its easy to raise seedlings, foliage and flowers too. Morning Glories are a weed in my garden. Purple plumed Mexican Sage – a gigantic, grassy, overgrown mess right now, needs to be controlled. Freeway Daisies flower even if I forget about them. Honeysuckle blossoms, spread and climb without a care. Nevertheless, I admit, as a dedicated gardener, I still kill easy to grow plants, out of pure neglect or unknown reasons, like geraniums.

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