Y5 – Day 10 – Bulbs

Bulbs surprise, springing up since we often forget where we have planted them in the fall and don’t see them till warm days arrive. Daffodils, also known as jonquils, sweep the road paths along the mountain roads near my home, in swaths of yellow, green and white. Teeny yet fragrant purple and white Hyacinths are common first tubers to sprout, often bursting through an unexpected snowfall in most of the continental states. When your spring bulbs’ blossoms wither, rather than chopping off their stems, bind them into a braid or a simple twist with raffia or tomato ties. As a result, the underground bulb gains renewed strength for next year. Set annuals, such as pansies (if you live in a cool zone) or petunias (for warmer climes) between the knob corms (bulb seeds). You can cut back the stalks once they look dry and brittle.

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