Y4 – Day 10 – No Failure

When I look back at my food, life and daily┬ájournaling, I realize all the ups and downs, all the merry-go-rounds and all the “failures” were really what I needed to do and go through in order to get where I am today in both acceptance and a profound understanding.

Today, I choose to connect the dots. I focus on my priorities. I limit my “things to do” lists.

I love variety, to inspire and be inspired, to begin, give and embrace genuinely and generously.

With that context and that attitude and perspective, one is bound to fail here and there, but it’s the turning it around, the silver lining view, the courage to accept and move on that makes it meaningful and worthwhile.

Ask to be shown guidance and given lessons in a gentle way. Beware of your own prejudice and response to all circumstances.

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