Y3 – Day 9 – Success

Someone sent me the 12 things “successful” people do differently. Oh,oh. Each one made me cringe. I don’t do any of them well or at all.

Successful people:

1. Create and pursue focused goals. (I create lots of projects and have a million ideas but am I focused? – no way).

2. Take decisive and immediate action. (Well, I do tend to react – not always nicely – but I can be indecisive to a fault).

3. Focus on being productive, not busy. (I pretty much spin).

4. Make logical, informed decisions. (Logical? What’s that? and see part 2 of #2).

5. Avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect. (I have pretty much given up on being perfect but the fear of doing anything at all half badly also keeps me from doing anything).

6. Work outside of their comfort zone. (Not if I can help it).

7. Keep things simple. (Hahahahahaha – isn’t everything a production?).

8. Focus on making small, continuous improvements. ( I want it “bang!” now – I am not good at slow and steady).

9. Measure and track their progress. ( If I could find my 50 projects I started).

10. Maintain a positive attitude as they learn from mistakes. (Is that humility plus?).

11. Spend time with the motivational people. ( I do – but bottom line – It is I who has to move forward).

12. Maintain balance in their life. ( Trying that this year ).

How do you fare according to this list?

One thought on “Y3 – Day 9 – Success

  1. …about the same as you!!!!!
    Hahahahaha… I believe we’ve visited this conversation before.
    Always hated those “habits of successful people” books (so annoying), wonder why?
    We try.
    We do improveā€¦
    Love you.

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