Y3 – Day 74 – Law of Attraction

Successful, happy people who are always striving to reach their highest potential are like beams of light and attract an abundance of wealth, health and friends. They manifest positive outcomes and they live from a place of joy. They keep moving forward with confidence, determination and hope, no matter what. They re-invent, re-ignite and re-claim themselves. They empower, embolden and embrace others. They don’t limit themselves.

Successful, happy people are grateful, creative and energetic. They glow from the inside. They soar with compliments, ideas and encouragement. They generate higher wavelengths of vibration in a room. They know about potential, productivity and results. They know how to ask for help, bring in the right people and the value of collaborating. They use varied sources.

Successful, happy people visualize and realize balance in their lives. They nurture deep, personal relationships and weave harmonious souls into their textured lives. They cordially bow out of situations, occasions and events that may sap their energy, unless it benefits a loved one. They are balanced, centered and know how to revitalize when needed. They remember to breathe profoundly into their lives and exhale with gratitude.

This is an aspiration. By affirming you are already this person, you become it.

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