Y3 – Day 63 – Love Intention

Intend to awaken with positive energy. Project your goal to do the highest good today and be Peace. Remember that Love is at the Center of all things.

Love is what we need in order to survive and evolve as a species; in order to protect our habitat and in order to respect Mother Earth and its creatures.

Love is what drives, motivates and inspires inventions, the arts and leaps of knowledge. It is what tames anger, fear and insecurities.

Evaluate the importance of having the intention to love and nurture yourself, first. From there you will be balanced enough to create loving boundaries for yourself Р for having none helps no one. When you allow anyone to treat you poorly, you are both not serving your higher purpose or honoring your highest selves.

Love is what transmutes, transforms and evolves everything to a higher level.

Love IS the missing link; it is the spark of creation, it is where everything good and right manifests from.

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