Y3 – Day 44 – Open Eyes

Opening my eyes to opportunities and possibilities has helped me to build strength of character, anticipate work and study twists of fate and has given me immeasurable insights. It has led me to see with arms outstretched not crossed, smell my own and another’s fear, partake of once in a lifetime chance meetings and feel the world’s synchronicity happening.

Yesterday I had Open Eyes and I took Cindi to what looks like an abandoned pile of rubbish with a trail to walk her.

IMG_3713On this trail there are discarded water drainage pipes standing up about three feet high and two feet in diameter. Some have painted art and it would have been remiss of me not to mention and show the ones that spoke to me.

IMG_3714This dark-skinned woman holds a sphere in her left hand. Her hands are in a receptive meditative pose. The sun beams behind her like a fiery halo of light. Rays spike from the held orb. Is she Mother Earth or Pachamama? Is she the embodiment of all women as goddess? There is a pyramid of stairs rising up to her pelvis where a child or extraterrestrial steps out. I am not an art critic or interpreter but it has a strong visceral, spiritual, almost other worldly tone to it.

IMG_3715On this deserted tube of cement, a man seems to be outstretching his hands inside a lighted teepee during a full moon. Again, I felt drawn to its indigenous flavor and mystic quality. Is he thanking or beseeching the moon? Who is he?

IMG_3716In this signed piece (look at bottom of tree trunk), The pond or lake is rounded, the colors suggest sunset and it has an extremely restful, albeit fishbowl presence.

“Once you’ve been given the torch of awareness, all sorts of dark bends in the road begin to appear for you to illuminate.” – Cecilia B. StegerĀ 

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