Y3 – Day 39 – We Are One Rant

We need a spiritual movement that has no allegiance to political or religious parties. It would have only one purpose. We need to let it begin with us, in each of our hearts. We need to be an example to our families, our neighbors and to all we meet. We need to keep the ideal, our connection and our agreed upon oneness, our united reason for existing, as our highest priority, at all times of the day. Or we WILL perish, leaving nothing to no one.

We need to think, say, do, pray and give out love and positive energy, every minute.

Remember the sixties? Remember the message. We need to extend love, forgiveness, compassion and peace.

We probably need the Dalai Lama as our world leader, but in his humbleness he has never sought this rightful role, nor would he accept it because of his humility. The irony is thick and not lost. We need something or someone to bring everybody together, on the same page.

We need to open up our hearts, not close them up to fear, longing and apathy. We need to be unafraid, stand up and act super courageous if we are to survive as humans before we blow up the planet or slowly die as a race because of carelessness.

Why were we given brains? Or hearts? Can we combine the two and isn’t it one? We are One. And, we are the one that can make a difference. I don’t want to hear the defeatist attitude of “what can one person do?” Plenty. Start somewhere.

Let it begin with me.

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