Y3 – Day 355 – Happy New Year!!! 2016!!!

I said farewell to E this morning at 5am before dawn as she drove up to be with sister V in Berkeley to celebrate the New Year Japanese Style together – a nod to their backpacking trip last New Year’s.

I watched Dubai celebrate with fireworks while a hotel burned at noon PST today.

I am so excited! I was first on a wait list for the advanced paint class at Peinture and I just received the call this afternoon that I got in!! Thirteen different techniques that I know I will learn so much more about!!

J and M are going to Teemu Selanne’s restaurant for a party where her brother in law will be bringing out the BEST from the kitchen exclusively for their table of twenty-thirty somethings. 

To be fair, I won’t probably even make NY Times Square ball dropping. It has been a wild vacation yet mellow as well. The love of my life and our pets will most assuredly be in bed by eight pm or so. 

Like a marriage, it is not the wedding that counts, it is the relationship lasting.

We will bring in 2016 in a subdued, sleeping mode because it is all the rest of the days in the year that matter, not just tonight.

Enjoy and Peace Out to 2015!

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