Y3 – Day 348 – Lighten Up

What I have found from investigating, radically sifting through, organizing and throwing stuff out is that I feel lighter, more creative and happier. Now I know I can live with less or just enough. Now I know I am worthy to live with only what brings me joy, beauty or practical usage. I have let go of guilt, shame and baggage, all from decluttering.

I have a pile of things for kids to choose from or toss. I boxed and put away special, sentimental items that no longer fit but I still cannot give up.

Clutter was taking up my energy. It was overwhelming. I thought I needed to stop acquiring and start discarding, but that wasn’t enough. I realized after seriously scrutinizing and questioning my issue that I was healing as I let go.  I breathed in the phenomenon of knowing I was enough and then, I exhaled in gratitude.

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