Y3 – Day 34 – Positivity

There is a new branch of psychology called positivity. Pollyana had it right all along and knew the deal before modern man called it. All meditators since ancient times knew it too. They found our thoughts create our perception. The glass half full vs. the glass half empty idea finally has a name and science to back up what believers always knew.

Trust and know that positive influences will open the doors when you exhibit positive feelings and exude positive thoughts. This is powerful knowledge.

Endeavor to focus on the positive. Every last one of us has negative thoughts, we are not yet Gurus. Practicing to shake off the worry, anxiety and fatalistic thinking and replacing it with optimism and hope is healthy. Try It.

Instead of watching or reading the news, programs on devastation, doomsday and zombies, movies or books full of violent descriptions… Go within, meditate on peace in silence and send it out to the world. Switch out your old, scary tapes with new and improved ones.

Don’t complain, judge or criticize for 24 hours. Notice how it feels emotionally and how your outlook lightens, even for an hour. Focus instead on gratitude, giving compliments, encouraging others, acknowledging the good you see in the world and validating your right to happiness. Test it out. I dare you.

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