Y3 – Day 31 – Inspire

It is good to get inspiration and there are so many ways to find it when you are open and naturally inclined to creative thinking. But to inspire is to animate someone else’s imagination. How do we do that?

Questions that ask someone to reveal something they have never looked at closely are one way. That is why we love taking personality quizzes.

Invigorating another’s mind can happen when you supply them with tools like a full color paint palette for them to use.

We can stir up the juices by setting up a problem, a subject or a theme.

Encouraging and awakening someone’s internal butterfly to come out and spread their wings is beneficial to the world. For creativity has solved scientific queries, revived and invented whole art movements, ended wars, created peace, saved habitats, made spellbinding music, written classics and ignited souls.

It is no small feat to rouse another human being’s vision, to impart enthusiasm and to embolden them to be themselves.

HAIL to all the teachers, elders, professors, parents, volunteers and artists that do this on a daily basis, all of their lives.DSC00112“What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.” – Deepak Chopra


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