Y3 – Day 295 – Simplicity

Here’s what 5 world renowned people you may or may not know said about Simplicity:

John Maeda – Graphic Designer, artist and Computer Scientist at MIT – “Simplicity is knowing when less is too little and more is too much.”

Sara Berman – Fashion Designer – “Simplicity is the basis of good design.”

Ken Okuyama – Creative Director for auto/transportation design, professor – “Simplicity involves two major processes: eliminating redundant elements and integrating things to make them flow.”

Gary Chang – Architect – “Simplicity requires focusing on the similarities between entities, not the differences.”

Peggy Fritzsche – Radiologist, professor – “Simplicity means products of the best quality displaying essential elements, but without additional ornamentation or clutter.”

And of course I have to put in my two cents. 

Cecilia – “Simplicity is streamlined yet comfortable and easy.”

What would your line be? How would you describe Simplicity?

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