Y3 – Day 292 – Assumptions

Sometimes we assume that everyone must know “that” too so we just presuppose it is general knowledge. As an example, I told someone today in conversation who is gluten, meat and dairy free but still eats eggs about what they do to male chicks as soon as they hatch. She was shocked and disgusted and saddened to say the least. When we chatted on about industrial slaughterhouses, she had no idea beef and dairy lobbies even existed, that you cannot under any circumstance visit one and big government finances “conventional” farming and rallies to make it very difficult for organic growers to get their certifications (it takes at least seven years and lots of paperwork and hoops to jump through).

Or, that when you eat meat, or dead flesh, half the time you are eating a sickened animal, always they are shot up with hormones and antibiotics and you are ingesting GMO’s too because that’s what the livestock eat. You are what you eat, literally.

Also, if we didn’t breed all these animals to kill for our appetites, we wouldn’t be running out of rain forests for grazing, we’d be able to feed more people (because right now most crops are used to feed animals), we would save water and clean up the air. In fact, if everyone gave up meat – we could clean up the atmosphere free of methane gas in ten years. On the other hand, if everything ran without fossil fuel tomorrow it would take 50 years to clean up the air.

Did you know that “conventional” is a word big agra lobbied to use so it sounded less frightening and even acceptable rather than “produce sprayed with chemicals”?

I know I must have blown a few minds with this post but here is the thing – ¬†every time someone says to me they don’t want to hear it – they believe it is so horrendous and would rather stick their head in the sand (and I know because I have been guilty of this as well) and believe it is too vile to contemplate, then, why do they support it? Food for thought.

Maybe tomorrow I will open your eyes about the dairy industry, I, who have adored cheese!!!

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