Y3 – Day 287 – Inspiration

Gratitude inspires me. I am happiest when I see all my blessings which allows me to see all my possibilities. I realize there is a gift or valuable lesson I can squirm out of every unpleasant moment or ….decorating challenge.

Since gratitude is a form of grace, I become more motivated, disciplined and emotionally charged from it. So it is a great place for me to be in; an attitude of gratitude.

I am encouraged and even energized with much stimuli to choose from and much to do around here. The biggest money output are the floors and also the point of departure for our new style. Hence the interminable back and forth.

At last, after doing much soul searching, I am driven by my heart and first gut choice. It isn’t the most practical or conventional, but it is the new authentic selves as new empty nesters. Old colors, old ideas, old hardware, lighting and floors have to go. Not all of it has to go. And some of it just needs to get a facelift in order to bring it into this decade. But the floor was the foundation, literally and figuratively.

I really bucked this idea. I thought I wanted what I saw in new model homes and some clever magazines. Yet, as the sleepless nights passed and inner processes of questions, releases and innovations inspired my scattered dreams, I had to admit what I was attracted to seemed silly and frivolous at my age, but perhaps that is exactly why I found it so divine. The look is ethereal, easy and laid back.

We are lighter now.  We are softer than ever towards each other and we are comfortable, cozy and like two love cats. Cream for dinner?

I am eliminating dated views, unearthing who we are and envisioning the space we want to live in now. I am listening to my heart, going with the flow and taking all the help and encouragement anyone wants to give me. I am continuously researching, rifling through DIY and Home Design internet sites and blogs, understanding my priorities, dislikes and new style.

After getting a few more maintenance items installed and repaired, more items donated, boxed or trashed, we will proceed with the matter of the structural grounding energy, aka, the floors and then we can move along to paint, lighting and hardware. Ending with a classical oomph of rugs, window coverings, furniture and accessories, our task should take around one year, to do it right and do it economically.

Tomorrow: Inspiration photos that helped me clarify and narrow down our new outlook.


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