Y3 – Day 28 – Healing

We may not be willing to share our fear thoughts but you must divulge your scary thinking if you want to begin the healing process. We have to allow space for a miracle by being the miracle. We need to personally incorporate our spiritual beliefs and not be frightened to pray for a revelation.

Our thoughts influence our bodies and our responses to life. Therefore, it is the healing idea that must be kept in our uppermost minds. And what is healing? In the spiritual sense, isn’t it acceptance, forgiveness and compassion?

Imagine your cells and your tissues, your relaxed body and uncluttered mind if you walked through each moment in a state of tranquility. Less stress and tension would at least prevent some if not all illnesses.

Healing is not repeating or reiterating the same old story of loss or victimization, it is changing your perception to always reach your highest self. No need to look further than yourself to correct your vision.

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