Y3 – Day 271 – Honesty

I am not a cynic by nature and I am not a devious person. I actually feel I crave truth and authenticity, in myself and others. I just don’t respect dishonesty. I don’t mean being in denial or not realizing something yet, I am talking about being blatantly lied to with the intention of deceiving and withholding the truth.

I lose trust if I find out or suspect I have been lied to. When the truth is revealed (and it always is sooner or later), my walls and antenna come up.

Although I know I have been emotionally dishonest – seeking love and approval everywhere externally – I now look within. In the past, I learned that sacrificing yourself to please others was noble. It is different than being of service. Being of service implies you are doing it without expecting anything in return.

I absolutely do not support those who deflect responsibility onto others or elsewhere anymore and I am not afraid to speak my truth anymore either.

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