Y3 – Day 230 – Croissants

Although not vegan, on vacay we enjoyed warm, regular and chocolate croissants, very early, every morning as a generous offering at our hotel La Fonda. My daughter does make these vegan and they excel. Here they are before hitting the oven. The chocolate ones are in the fore front of the photo. Those were my favorites.

Matthew gets up before the break of dawn and paints these puffs of heaven with a butter drenched paintbrush. He is in surprisingly good spirits, focused and productive every day and the pastries were worth writing¬†about too. Matthew offered me almond milk when I asked if there was an alternative to the dairy choices. The entire staff couldn’t have been more polite or helpful and went out of their way to make everyone happy.DSC00335After a leisurely walk on the beach with our Cindi, we strolled back to the scent and sight of croissants fresh out of the oven. The aroma wafts through the halls of the hotel and awakens guests alerting them to not miss a bite. We ate on our patio and I dunked mine in our delicious, newly brewed coffee. Organic orange juice was also served.


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