Y3 – Day 229 – Crassula

Crassula perfoliata variety falcata is a South African perennial succulent plant. It does well in our dry, hot climate as it needs hardly any water. Its common name is Airplane plant.

Crassula falcata grows up to four feet high and wide. It can flourish in the sun or shade and even by the beach since it tolerates salt spray and winds. This amazing specimen is fire resistant so it also works well in large, sloped dry spots. To top it all off, its flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies and is deer resistant. It blooms red fragrant flowers all summer and into fall. It is easily propagated from new shoots off the mother plant. Crassula falcata would look stunning in a rock garden because it such a bright burst of color. It has everything going for it so I would certainly like to see it in local nurseries.

DSC00423This photo was taken at the San Luis Opispo Botanical gardens. 

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