Y3 – Day 220 – Fun with E.

Looking forward to yummy Starbucks at Barnes and Noble with daughter, E then perhaps Mother’s Market for goodies.


And so we went. I had a delicious hot, decaf, venti soy latte with sugar free caramel and an icy, caramel machiatto with soy milk for E. We browsed through the racks of books, especially the ones on sale and ended up with coloring books and colored markers so we could have a little fun.

Then off to the market and got everything on the list, and then some. Yummy skewered vegan beef and chicken, lentil vegan loaf and raw dehydrated “fried” onions for lunch while catching up on an episode of our series recordings of Master Chef.

Yesterday, I made E a vegan Mac and Cheez. Her BFF C said it was even better than “real” macaroni and cheese bake.

Recipe to follow….stay tuned for tomorrow.


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