Y3 – Day 22 – Emerald

DSC00133Ah – raw and in its unpolished, uncut stage – the emerald is a hexagonal crystal, a Beryl variety. In fact, it is a green beryllium aluminum silicate mineral.

The emerald was named by the Greeks as smaragdos, meaning ‘green stone’. All green gemstones, semi-precious crystals and minerals are identified with the heart chakra. The emerald inspires and helps with patience. My husband gifted me this specimen for Christmas and I have kept it in my purse since. It is soaking in some sun rays right now in order to cleanse and enhance its powers.

The emerald brings domestic bliss and loyalty. It is therefore a wonderful engagement ring choice and a colorful change from your typical white diamond. It supports unity, unconditional love and partnership. It balances out relationships by opening up your heart and clearing the channel with your divine source. It reconnects and sustains your dedication to receive love, give love and be love.


I heal through love and allow blessings to flow freely.

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