Y3 – Day 211 – Intimacy

Intimacy is a closeness. It is a deep understanding wherein there is no need to feel embarrassment. Whatever you have to share, whatever troubles you or whatever character flaws are exposed, there is unconditional acceptance with intimacy.

In intimate relationships there is mutual respect and you can say anything or think out loud, you won’t be castigated (maybe a bit reprimanded or reminded) but not worried about loss of affection. Great trust breeds intimacy.  It is not about being rude with your thoughts but being able to fully express them without fear of rejection.

Intimacy with another is about being wholly yourself, not holding back, no fear… and being able to tease a little, have secret looks and jokes between you and being able to be fully vulnerable with ease.

It is not about judging, dismissing or being closed, shut off or guarded.

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