Y3 – Day 205 – Dana Point Wedding

The reception was held at Cannon’s Seafood Grill on a coveted patio area jutting over the Dana Point harbor. Below we could see the Ocean Institute¬†where the chickadees went to a few scattered summer day camps throughout the years. The old ship, the Pilgrim, is used as a classroom where students stay¬†onboard over night and is always docked, giving elementary school age children a chance to work and sleep on a real Tall Ship. We pointed it out to our eldest from the balcony but he seemed more interested in the present not the past, as well he should be, but my husband and I couldn’t resist.

The party got into full swing and delicious food was served from the minute we strode in. The company was fabulous as we got to sit with others of our era, including the parents of the bride which I felt was an honor. The mother of the bride looked fabulous and had made all the spectacular centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres. She created visual landscapes with succulents because of her other daughter’s allergy to flowers. The colors were young and vibrant, bright fluorescent hues. The paper lanterns lit up the night as the festivities went well past sundown.



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