Y3 – Day 194 – Matter

I matter. You matter. We matter.

DSC09547Lake Gregory – July 14, 2015

My days here have been solitary and yet full. Contact with the outside world has been kept via telephone, internet and TV. All of my time is spent being in the moment; no rushing, no hurrying, no immediacy and every minute is consumed by my awareness and attention, no distraction unless I let it in.

Yesterday, Cindi and I ventured out. We walked by the sunny side of the shore and I captured this peaceful scene. The wispy clouds have life and movement, the rock seems rigid and anchored heavily into the foreground. Next to the boulder is a new leafed wild bush, freely growing with no expectations and no care. The top of the water on the lake ripples as the wind swoops in, early in the morning. One lone rowboat hails two fishermen in the expanse of the vast basin as the pine filled land sweeps up to the sky behind them and all around them, encircled and densely populated by conifers of every height and density.

Everything matters in this shot of Lake Gregory; the power and beauty of different natural elements, the grace to observe, feel and smell this moment, the company of my dog and her joy as she sniffed the narrow trails by the shoreline, and the experience of gratitude I felt and feel now, as I share it with you.

Pass on the feeling…if you can sense it and taste it…if you know of which I write.

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