Y3 – Day 191 – Sunday Stay Vacay

IMG_4189Well, seeing that I have enough food for Cindi and I for over a week, all my writing jobs and activities and notebooks with me, books galore, plenty to do and not too much to cancel down the hill – I decided to stay up in Arrowhead for another few days – making it the longest I have ever stayed in our treehouse since we purchased it in 2011.

The birds finally got the memo that I am here putting out seeds and after 2 days started realizing and telling all their friends to come and stop by our balcony for a snack. They are flying in and landing in sets of twos and even threes.

The decks and stairs are all clean of pine cones and needles, the outdoor areas are set up for dining and lounging, the wind chimes are hung and it is just so gorgeous up here, I could not resist.

I have a busy schedule after this so I am grateful for this time.

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