Y3 – Day 167 – Simplicity

Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I lapsed a day of blogging.

Is it possible that in order to clarify my goals and find balance in my life I need to come back to the basic theme of SIMPLICITY? 

The more I give away, toss out and re-distribute my house, the more I shed burdens, the past and old thinking patterns.

Releasing objects, I discard beliefs that do not serve me anymore. 

Synchronicity : my friend told me about a book she is reading about tidying up and organizing and this is exactly my focus for the past week and goal for the summer. Needless to say, it is on its way to my front doorstep.

Follow me as I de clutter, re-work and re-order priorities – shifting my perspective, reframing my thoughts and restructuring my internal compass.

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