Y3 – Day 152 – Bower’s in the Spring 2015

IMG_4072Today, I went to Bowers Museum with my yoga mentor/teacher/trainer/friend, D.

As young school children silently and obediently followed their teacher into the entrance, D remembered how she came as a young student herself, back in elementary school.

There are two new exhibits of note.

One display is the works of three different photographers. Each has a different perspective of the Western landscape from almost a century ago.

Ironically, no pictures were allowed to be taken of the photos. But of course it is a practical matter because the paper and images must be preserved.

I did get a shot of the huge camera that was used back in the day.

D commented that now we use our tiny compact computer phones as cameras. True and that mini computer of mine took this picture. When you truly think about it, it blows your mind how far we have come technologically speaking. If only that were also true of our human/ecological/global relations.


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