Y3 – Day 151 – Sunflower

Using the Biodynamic Gardening Lunar calendar, I planted heirloom sunflowers approximately three or four months ago. I cannot recall but I know I sowed the seeds willy nilly thinking, “yea, let’s see how great or not so great this turns out.”

As it is revealing, the calendar has been working rather well for me. Plants that I am notorious for killing are living. Everything I plant according to the calendar is not only surviving, but thriving beyond my expectations. And, obviously I even forgot I had sown sunflower seeds. I watched the stems grow long and wasn’t sure what was going to burst on the scene. This morning I felt great surprise when I encountered the blooms open. Then and only then did I even remember I haphazardly and with not much fanfare sowed these fabulous sun lovers. I love forgetting where I have hidden bulbs, seeds and plants and then – ¬†voila! They appear!

Basically, I amaze¬†myself as I marvel at the earth’s handiwork, with no encouragement from me, and I have no angst or disappointment when something doesn’t deliver because I cannot remember what I am doing anymore.

In this scenario, I am living the Tao.IMG_4071

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