Y3 – Day 105 – Clematis

IMG_3869Look into the center of this beautiful, purple, seven petaled clematis and ponder your connection to the divine. It is no coincidence that this bloom has 7 petals and the seventh chakra is your crown that vibrates to the speed of violet.

You have heard of colors being used to create or dissipate certain emotions in the decor industry lately. This advice comes straight from years of color therapists trying to break out of the New Age era and into modern, mainstream interior design.

Purple or violet is the color of the crown chakra, right on top of your head, the soft spot or fontanel you had as a baby before your skull fissured closed. Here is where the light of the cosmos and divine goodness enters and washes over your aura and into your body, down through the chakras.

When you see a clematis vine and its spring/summer blooms, remember your divine source and your purpose on this plane.

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