Y2 – Day 88 – Oakland Stay

First day, our first meal was at a German covered patio establishment right next to my hotel, on the boardwalk or trail alongside the Oakland waterway.Hotel room to the right of trees with a balcony.  German Beer Garden Restaurant, flying the US, German and CA flag, at end of the bay walking trail railing.   Dock and Port of Oakland to the left.

According to my NY daughter ‘connection’ who studies (among a host of other subjects) German and has lived in Berlin, Brotzeit colloquially means small snack or it could also be interpreted as lunch, but petite sized.  We were all pretty hungry and had huge not petite appetites.  They had every type of sausage, including vegan, which was incredibly good.  Alongside fries and a salad, our sausages in a bun with sauerkraut, jalapeños, two different types of mustards and pickled red cabbage filled us up. 

Not so crummy view first thing in the morning, walking Cindi on the Bay Trail.


The Homewood Suites Hotel by Hilton, besides having a great view you don’t expect,  provides breakfast every morning for three hours and dinner with cocktails, Monday through Thursday 5-7pm.  

Breakfast is extensive.  A different potato dish, protein and eggs everyday.  Cereals, a waffle bar, bagels, hot oatmeal, muffins and pastries, hard boiled eggs, an array of teas, coffee, extras and toppings round out the scene.   As a vegan, I opted for hash browns (they were cooked in oil), salsa and a bagel.  Everything was fresh. There is an indoor dining area as well as an outdoor patio.

The night I arrived, they were serving a fiesta of fajitas with chicken, rice, beans, tortillas, salsa and a salad bar.  Thursday, they had barbecues fired up in the large patio area overlooking the yachts and were grilling burgers and hot dogs served with potato salad, chips and fresh fruit.

Although I didn’t take full advantage of the food available, I am highly recommending this place for families and you can bring your pets whether they be cats (bring litter box) or dogs (bring a crate or carrier).  

When our three children were younger this is just the sort of place that would have saved us money, gas and time with meals and made everyone happy.  

Plus there is a free shuttle service (with certain windows of opportunity, but it is doable) within a two mile radius and free easy access parking which is a premium in the bay area.  Jack London Square ( a waterfront open mall, dining, entertainment, business and tourist destination ) and the Oakland Museum of California are within that radius.  Because my son is .8 miles away, I have been using the shuttle unless we need the car (be aware that on weekends – it does not run, though) or… I walk over.  

Huge Mural painted in 2013 on side of Brotzeit.  

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