Y2 – Day 87 – More Culinary Fun

Our first evening reunited found us delighting,  oooooohing and ahhhhhhing  and applauding our chef extraordinaire.  See yesterday’s post.

Our second course was a Thai Curry over rice.  Non- vegans and spicy hot – shy omnivores enjoyed potato cheese ‘nachos’ V concocted that is truly a novelty.  Potatoes, tofu, green onions, baby bok choy, tomatoes, cilantro, coconut milk, onions and that secret ingredient, love, embrace and meld in a yellow Thai curry sauce over rice.  I don’t know what or how she did it but in very little time, a meal that appeared authentic and time-consuming was dished out.  The intoxicating aroma that filled the large open concept room that is the hub of my son’s new home was making us all delirious (including Cindi).

For dessert, V had the audacity (so typically made with dairy) of creating a vegan Creme Anglaise with vanilla gel, almond milk, coconut cream and vanilla syrup. It was a success.   She steamed peanut butter filled mochi in the sauce and served the sweet, ivory dish with slivers of fresh mango.  I didn’t know how the fruit would match up to the nutty and strong vanilla presence but it was cleverness at its apex. The tang of the orange delicacy produced a high note among the grounding bass hum of nut crunch and vanilla specks left in your mouth as you chewed through the rice gluten.

The flavor profiles and balance of the dinner were ingeniously connected in a subtle yet unmistakable precise manner of someone truly talented.  Bravo!  And thank you to my hosts for their generosity and hospitality.  I am so proud of you guys!

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