Y2 – Day 83 – Tranquil Jonquil

Teach only love for that is what you are.

Whatever you extend or project – you believe.  When you extend love you will find unity and peace.  When you project your ego you will hurl away thoughts of guilt and falsehoods.

This is the key to healing the thoughts of separation and fear from our minds.

Don’t let your peace be contingent on another’s behavior. But you must also be willing to give up your perceptions and ask, “Is it possible that this thought in my head is incorrect?”  Be willing to see differently.  Be willing to give up your judgments so you can remove the blocks to love.  It is a choice.

This is what I contemplated on when I meditated on my budding exotic scented daffodil blossom.  Its flexible, feathery, silk, deep saffron center and light buttermilk petals were a labor of love coded into its bulbous DNA.  Spring bursts with the fruits of past endeavors in our garden like when we act ‘as if’ to feel differently.  Love is first an action that consequently, brings up an emotion.  

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